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Analysis of the 2001 World Series performance of the Diamondbacks



This team was made to win now. The Arizona Diamondbacks, under color commentator turned first-year manager Bob Brenly, squeaked past the New York Yankees to win the Classic. The first National League team since the Florida Marlins in 1997 to win a World Series also broke Florida's record as fastest expansion team to win.

So, how exactly did they win? I mean this team has about as shady of relief pitching as Roseanne and Carl Lewis of singing the National Anthem. I'm still having nightmares about that one. It was partly pitching though, starting pitching. They have two aces on their rotation, Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson. Curt got the win in Game 7, had a 1.69 ERA, .162 OBA and had a spectacular series. So did Randy, he went 3 - 0, 1.04 ERA, .150 OBA in the series.

Both pitchers pitched on three days rest and did great. I'd probably give up 21 hits like the Yankees did if I pitched on three days rest. Both players received Co-MVP honors. Arizona's offense killed New York's. Arizona outscored New York 37-14 in the Series. But they won, on a bloop hit ... the Marlins won their Series on a blooper by Edgar Renteria. It's amazing that this team, Arizona, didn't just throw up their hands after Game 4 and 5. Twice, they blew saves in the 9th inning and twice they lost in extra innings, both off the same pitcher, B.H. Kim. They sucked it up and took it like ballplayers. I can't believe their hearts weren't broken.

I said to a couple of friends during Game 7, and you know who you are, "Now that Jeter's hurt, just wait, you'll see a hit go down to short." Well, damn, I just guessed. And because of that, Arizona stuck it to the Yankees for what they did in Games 4 and 5. Revenge is sweet.

Those boys deserve it. A thought, and a bad thought it is if you're me cause it's given me nightmares for 3 years. What if they have a firesale. Kill me now. You don't need to see that, they'll lose more fans that way, the game of baseball will lose more fans that way. But I've got to tell you, this was the best World Series since 1997, 1996, 1992, 1991, shucks, pick one. Both teams got a run for their money and I would have spent money to see this series a million times. It's an instant classic, better look for ESPN Classic to show it ... a million times.

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This article was written November 5, 2001.