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Musings on Thanksgiving



Gobble Gobble. It's that time of year again.

Your family comes over and watches football. Big Uncle Al loosens his belt and lays dead to the world on the couch. And of course, Cousin Ray-Ray comes over and starts trouble by kissing your sister's friend on the mouth after he's eaten that garlic bread.

But mostly, it's football. It's a November sport. It snows, it hails, sleet falls along with snowballs from the Giants fans.

Blown coin flips in the Silverdome, the Cowboy cheerleaders looking like cheap ... whoa, won't go there! John Madden giving 6-legged turkeys to offensive linemen. It's November! It's cold!

Usually I'd be happy just to eat and be lucky to catch a hockey game somewhere. But there's nothing like Thanksgiving and Christmas football. Not only in the NFL but in college too. You know, the kids love the game too. But there's nothing but being snuggled up to your loved one under the blanket ... watching a offense going 3 and out and ready to punt.

Let's get back to that coin flip mess. How can a referee blow a coin flip ... Jerome Bettis said, "Heads." Ref says, "The call is tails, the flip is heads, Lions get the ball." I saw that game, I thought it was utterly ridiculous to blow a coin flip. Maybe the ref was on a safari with other zebras or something, I don't know.

A turkey leg in one hand, and the remote in the other. Life is good.

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This article was written November 16, 2001.