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What is a Bowl?
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"30 games where college teams square off for ... something."



Is it a bowl of oranges? (No pun intended, you know where I'm from.) For most in Florida, it is, but for others, it's just 30 games where college teams square off for ... something.

I don't know if it's a trophy, farmland, shop till you drop at "Toys 'R Us." Who knows, in bowl games such as the Tidy Bowl, the Salad Bowl, the Disney Bowl, and the Gumbo Bowl out in Moulin Rouge, LA.

But, eight teams are going for spots in the Bowl Championship Series. And, on Saturday, December 30, the BCS computers may have exploded. LSU beat Tennessee ... what does it mean? When I find out the answer, I'll tell you, 'cause I don't know. It rules out, however, that the Volunteers aren't going to smell any roses anytime soon.

Oregon, Nebraska and Colorado are in the running to face Miami. No matter who plays the Hurricanes, all roads lead to Pasadena, with that little old lady in the red Corvette probably. Illinois plays in LSU's backyard in the Sugar Bowl, Maryland plays TBA in the Orange Bowl, and TBA might play Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl. Gives me a headache typing about it.

Meanwhile, in other news, Texas A&M plays TCU in one of those damn Internet sponsored bowls, the or something. Speaking of which ... these bowl games have turned into the Super Bowl - nothing but advertising. If I see one more beer commercial, I'll go tap one of those Clydesdales upside the head. Same goes for those damn antidrug/truth ads. Give your undying support for a non-BCS playoff system. The BCS is BS to the highest degree of BSness. Thank you.

Postscript: Congratulations to Eric Crouch ... Heisman Winner.

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This article was written December 9, 2001.