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The Fall Classic


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The Fall Classic

A preview of the 2001 World Series



It seemed like six or seven months ago the season started. Seasons change; now, so does the World Series. A little twist to the Series, however. The Arizona Diamondbacks are going to face the ... New York Yankees. So I was wrong. Three times I was wrong in my prediction. I had Oakland beating New York, Seattle beating Oakland, and Atlanta beating Arizona.

Damn the luck, eh? Anyway, I say Arizona might beat them, but as a Marlin fan, I want the Yankees to win. Arizona has the chance to be the fastest expansion team to win the World Series with four years. The previous mark was set by Florida in 1997. News about us down here in Miami says Florida and Montreal could, and probably will, be dismantled (for the last time) after the Series.

Explain to me why Tampa, who's worse than Florida and Montreal combined this year stays, and Florida goes. Montreal had no choice in the matter, 3 people show up to their games. Back to the Series, most would agree that Arizona's only reason for coming this far has been their starting pitching. Notice how I didn't say relief pitching? Well ... it sucks. They have NO closer, they might not even have a setup man for the closer. If I could name a closer, it would be (former Marlin) Matt Mantei, and he's injured. The Yankees pitching is a collection of lesser teams' aces. Baltimore's Mike Mussina, Toronto's ... Boston's Roger Clemens, and the rest could be aces on lesser teams. Does "Where's Costanza" ring a bell?

In terms of hitting, the Diamondbacks have a Marlins-type lineup. Tony Womack, God bless the man, he's had a tough and a great season. His father died on Father's Day, and on the game he came back, Tony hit a grand slam. Tony also hit the game-winning RBI in for the D'backs to get them to the NLCS. The Yankees paid to be here basically. Bunch of overpaid, underachieving players.

But I'll calm down in about 25 years cause I'm losing my baseball team. Needless to say, I'm pissed about that.

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This article was written on October 25, 2001.