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Christmas Sports
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Thoughts on the Christmas Day sports schedule



It's that time of year. Unless you're in Florida or something, there's snowfall. There's presents, and trees. For desperate people, mistletoe.

And there's football, basketball, and hockey. Like the Jackson 5 said, Santa Claus is coming to town, but he's not coming with many games with him. Remember what I said about the bowl games last time.

Welcome to bowl game hell, it started Tuesday, and ends January 3. The game on December 25 will be the Sega Sports Las Vegas Bowl, like anyone plays with Sega Genesis anymore. Utah vs USC on ABC, ASAP with no one MIA on the QT, at 3:30 PM. In the NBA, only two games. Toronto at New York at 6 PM, and Philadelphia at LA Lakers at 8:30 PM on NBC. The unusually light load of sports coming with a heavy note. It wasn't like this last year or the year before. The events of September 11 pushed all the fall and winter sport schedules back. As you can see it's a light schedule this year.

Damn that bin Laden. A little later this week will be the recap of this year's big games and how America changed forever.

R.I.P. - Dick Schaap 1934 - 2001

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This article was written December 23, 2001.