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Tenth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Max Q Thomas JonesRB Cardinals
2 Retro Redskins Rulzs New England DefenseDEF Patriots
3 Spock's Burritos D'Wayne BatesWR Vikings
4 Stuck in NeutralKevin DysonWR Titans
5 Clancy's Toads Sebastian JanikowskiK Raiders
6 PulverizersBaltimore DefenseDEF Ravens
7 The Mad Dawgs James StewartRB Lions
8 CheeseWiz Travis HenryRB Bills
9 Steph Infections Peter WarrickWR Bengals
10 Bone Crushing BillsLamar SmithRB Panthers
11 Daffy's D-Backs Oronde GadsdenWR Dolphins
12 Deltaman Oakland DefenseDEF Raiders

Eleventh Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Deltaman James AllenRB Texans
2 Daffy's D-Backs David TerrellWR Bears
3 Bone Crushing Bills Peerless PriceWR Bills
4 Steph InfectionsOlindo MareK Dolphins
5 CheeseWiz San Diego DefenseDEF Chargers
6 The Mad DawgsTodd HeapTE Ravens
7 Pulverizers Ike HilliardWR Giants
8 Clancy's Toads Willie JacksonWR Falcons
9 Stuck in Neutral New Orleans DefenseDEF Saints
10 Spock's BurritosTim CouchQB Browns
11 Retro Redskins Rulzs Mike AlstottRB Buccaneers
12 Max Q Tom BradyQB Patriots

Twelfth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Max Q Dallas DefenseDEF Cowboys
2 Retro Redskins Rulzs Mark BrunellQB Jaguars
3 Spock's Burritos New York (AFC) DefenseDEF Jets
4 Stuck in NeutralEric JohnsonTE 49ers
5 Clancy's Toads Cam CleelandTE Saints
6 PulverizersMichael WestbrookWR Bengals
7 The Mad Dawgs Travis TaylorWR Ravens
8 CheeseWiz Reggie WayneWR Colts
9 Steph Infections T.J. DuckettRB Falcons
10 Bone Crushing BillsSan Francisco DefenseDEF 49ers
11 Daffy's D-Backs Tyrone WheatleyRB Raiders
12 Deltaman Donald DriverWR Packers

Thirteenth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Deltaman Indianapolis DefenseDEF Colts
2 Daffy's D-Backs Jeremy ShockeyTE Giants
3 Bone Crushing Bills Trent DilferQB Seahawks
4 Steph InfectionsDeShaun FosterRB Panthers
5 CheeseWiz Wesley WallsTE Panthers
6 The Mad DawgsMuhsin MuhammadWR Panthers
7 Pulverizers Ron DayneRB Giants
8 Clancy's Toads Kerry CollinsQB Giants
9 Stuck in Neutral Joey GallowayWR Cowboys
10 Spock's BurritosRyan LongwellK Packers
11 Retro Redskins Rulzs Antwaan Randle ElWR Steelers
12 Max Q Az-Zahir HakimWR Lions