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Deltaman (Craig)

Daffy's D-Backs (Roy)

Bone Crushing Bills (Jason - U.S.)

Steph Infections (Steph)

CheeseWiz (Jim)

The Mad Dawgs (Kenny)

Pulverizers (Jared)

Clancy's Toads (Sam)

Stuck in Neutral (Graci)

Spock's Burritos (Jay)

Retro Redskins Rulzs (Mozelle)

Max Q (Jason - U.K.)

Roster Requirements

Each roster must have eighteen (18) players, with six (6) players on the bench, and twelve (12) players in the starting lineup. The breakdown of the starting lineup is as follows:

-- One quarterback

-- Two running backs

-- Three wide receivers

-- One tight end

-- One kicker

-- One player who is either a wide receiver or tight end

-- One player who is either a wide receiver or running back

-- Two defensive teams