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The draft order was determined by randomly throwing names into a hat, and the results are as follows:

1. Craig, Deltaman
2. Roy, Daffy's D-Backs
3. Jason, Bone Crushing Bills
4. Steph, Steph Infections
5. Jim, CheeseWiz
6. Kenny, The Mad Dawgs
7. Jared, Pulverizers
8. Sam, Clancy's Toads
9. Graci, Stuck in Neutral
10. Jay, Spock's Burritos
11. Mozelle, Retro Redskins Rulzs
12. Jason, Max Q

This will be the draft order for all odd-numbered rounds; just reverse the order for all even- numbered rounds.

We will have an "offline" draft as opposed to an "autopick" draft, meaning that a team's individual picks will be e-mailed directly to the commissioner (and also distributed to other owners in the league). The alternative would have had a computer randomly selecting players based on the owner's pre-rankings, taking much of the enjoyment out of the fantasy sports process, and often leaving owners with rosters filled with players they didn't want.

Here's how the draft will work:
(1) I will e-mail the draft order to everyone in the league, post it on the Yahoo! message board AND post it on this website so that there is no confusion as to who selects first, second, third, etc.

(2) When it is your turn to select a player, you have exactly twelve hours to make your pick (except for special circumstances, such as being on vacation, not having Internet access, etc.). Head to to make your player selection.

(3) Repeat step 2 until the draft finally ends.

A complete list of all players selected (by round and by position) will appear on this website - In addition, you will also be able to see which players your team has already drafted, so it is a good idea to bookmark this site.