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This is a relatively new website, created last September as a result of CBS SportsLine deciding to shut down their sports chat rooms on August 31, 2001.

Many dedicated sports fans from around the world who frequented the SportsLine chat rooms were stunned, as very little (if any) notice was given of  its discontinuation.

Friendships were made, and good-natured banter was shared between fans of rival teams (for instance, Chiefs fans vs. Raiders fans or Mets fans against everybody else). We learned why Cardinals fans couldn't stand Jesse Orosco. We debated whether or not wrestling was a real sport. We made fun of the Veterans Stadium turf.  Great memories come to mind when thinking about the old SportsLine chats.

For a short period of time, there was no place for SportsLine regulars to meet in. However, all of that changed on September 10 with the creation of this website. To all old SportsLine chat members: Welcome back! To everyone else who would like to talk about sports of all sorts, I encourage you to stop by the chat rooms to participate in discussions of current events in the sports world, fantasy sports, and trivia. Thanks for stopping by.

- Jared Byrd


Here are several reasons why I chose the chat rooms, message boards, etc. that I did for this website:

1. It's free: Everything used to build the Sports Chat website - (graphics, chat rooms, message boards, clip art and the web space itself) - cost absolutely nothing.

2. Easy to use: Everything on the website is pretty much self-explanatory and unless your computer isn't very good at all, you should have no problem accessing this website. Most (if not all) web browsers and operating systems should be able to handle the chat rooms and message boards.

3. Talk endlessly: The message boards allow you to keep posting as many replies to any topic as you want. The chat rooms allow an unlimited number of people in at once.

I know the chat rooms aren't perfect. For instance, you can't see who's online without actually entering the chat rooms. Also, you can't travel between rooms from the chat window (that can only be done through the home page). On the plus side, however, it's much better than having no chat at all. Enjoy!