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About Jared

My name is Jared Byrd, and I am the creator of the Sports Chat website, a place designed to give fans an opportunity to share their opinions on sports after the demise of the CBS SportsLine chat rooms. I'm heading into my junior year at Temple University in Philadelphia, majoring in print journalism (newspapers).

I was born in Philadelphia on May 13, 1982, and attended Central High School from 1996 to 2000, where I served as the co-editor-in-chief of The Centralizer (school newspaper) during my senior year. After graduating from Central, I spent the summer of 2000 as an intern at The Philadelphia Inquirer, before joining my college newspapers (the Temple News and the Temple Column). I currently write news and opinion articles for them, though I have done feature articles for them in the past. This summer, I also have a job at the university library, as well as an internship at the South Philadelphia Review newspaper.

I passionately follow the Phillies, Sixers, Flyers and Eagles, as well as local college sports (particularly Temple University). I eventually combined my love for journalism and sports with the creation of this website in early September 2001. When I purchased my first computer in March 2001 (an iMac), I had absolutely no idea how to build a website. Today, I can say that I know a lot more than I did several months ago, and I'm still learning new stuff every day.

Here are the rosters for my fantasy league teams. E-mail me if you are in one of my leagues and you have a serious trade proposal. Click here to enter

Here are several links to my favorite sports teams, and websites dedicated to those teams. Click here to enter

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