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Bryant Elementary School

I am currently in the middle of a year-long student teaching placement in Denise Moore's fifth grade classroom at the William Cullen Bryant Elementary School in Southwest Philadelphia. Click here to visit the official school website, or click here to visit the School District of Philadelphia website. This link will take you to a classroom website I designed for course credit at the University of Pennsylvania, and it features lots of interesting links about the school and its surrounding neighborhood.

I have mainly focused on teaching mathematics lessons during the fall semester, though I have done some language arts work as well. Before my teaching placement is over, I hope to have taught social studies and science too, though my school is organized in such a way where math and language arts have been designated the two most important areas.

Summerbridge of Greater Philadelphia

During the summer of 2003, I had a six-week teaching internship, where I worked with seventh and eighth graders from various middle schools in Northwest Philadelphia. The program is called Summerbridge of Greater Philadelphia, and it is part of an international non-profit organization (known as the Breakthrough Collaborative) which gives high school and college students the opportunity to teach youngsters in subjects such as English, math and science. Click here to visit the local and national websites.

During the summer program, I taught seventh graders English (in a course entitled "Writing Through Literature") on the campus of Germantown Friends School. I returned in the fall to Summerbridge in order to volunteer twice a week at their after-school program, teaching various math games. During the spring 2004 semester, I worked with children from West Philadelphia at the St. Joseph's University campus of Summerbridge, teaching Black history. Pictures from my teaching experience will be posted soon on this website.

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