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The Chunky Soup Jinx?



Just as the fabled Sports Illustrated jinx has sent many great athletes and teams hurtling toward mediocrity, there is another little-known jinx emerging: the Chunky Soup Jinx!

How does the jinx work? Well, a star football player appears in a television advertisement for Campbell's Chunky Soup. After the commercial airs on TV, the player is (1) injury-prone for the rest of his career, or (2) a shell of his former self. Consider:

- Reggie White: While with the Green Bay Packers, the "Minister of Defense" starred in a Chunky ad. At this time, he was still one of the NFL's most-feared pass rushers. Soon after, he retired for one season before resuming his career with the Carolina Panthers. Despite being a part-time player with Carolina in 2000, it was clear White was on his last legs.

- Terrell Davis: After helping to lead the Broncos to not one, but two Super Bowls, Davis was in a Chunky Soup ad. Ever since then, Davis has been injury-prone, and when he is healthy, he splits time in the Denver backfield with Olandis Gary and Mike Anderson.

- Kurt Warner: Rams quarterback Kurt Warner joined the list of football stars who did commercials with their "mothers" (who are actually actresses). While Warner's Rams have continued to do well, keep in mind that he missed much of last season with a shoulder injury (in fact, he missed the Pro Bowl as a result). Also, he seems to be throwing a lot more interceptions ...

So, will Chunky Soup mean bad luck for Donovan McNabb? Hopefully not. But keep in mind that Eagles head coach Andy Reid wants McNabb to be more of a pocket quarterback ... perhaps leading to more sacks ... which probably means greater chances for injury. Stay tuned.