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Championship Watch



This is a listing of the last time cities (or regions) across the United States and Canada won a championship in the four major sports (baseball, basketball, football and hockey). Leagues included in this list are as follows: MLB, NFL, AFL, NBA, ABA, NHL and WHA. College championships, minor league championships and various other leagues such as the XFL and USFL are not included.

Why did I include some leagues like the ABA and WHA, and not others? Well, competition in these leagues was considered similar to the NBA and NHL, so much that several of these teams (such as the Indiana Pacers and Edmonton Oilers) were added to the NBA and NHL even after the league's demise. (Note: ABA, AFL and WHA championships are ONLY listed in cases where an NHL, NBA or NFL team hasn't won a championship since. In the case of Boston/New England, the Whalers won their championship AFTER the Bruins won theirs, so both are listed).

Akron, Ohio
APFA (NFL): Akron Zips (1920-21)
Last Championship for Akron: 1920-21

Atlanta, Georgia
MLB: Atlanta Braves (1995)
Last Championship for Atlanta: 1995

Baltimore, Maryland
MLB: Baltimore Orioles (1983)
NFL: Baltimore Ravens (2000-01)
NBA: Baltimore Bullets (1947-48)
Last Championship for Baltimore: 2001

Boston, Massachusetts (and New England)
MLB: Boston Red Sox (2007)
NFL: New England Patriots (2004-05)
NBA: Boston Celtics (1985-86)
NHL: Boston Bruins (1971-72)
WHA: New England Whalers (1972-73)
Last Championship for Boston/New England: 2007

Buffalo, New York
AFL: Buffalo Bills (1965-66)
Last Championship for Buffalo: 1965-66

Calgary, Alberta
NHL: Calgary Flames (1988-89)
Last Championship for Calgary: 1988-89

Canton, Ohio
NFL: Canton Bulldogs (1923-24)
Last Championship for Canton: 1923-24

Charlotte, North Carolina
NHL: Carolina Hurricanes (2005-06)
Last Championship for Charlotte: 2005-06

Chicago, Illinois
MLB: Chicago White Sox (2005)
NFL: Chicago Bears (1985-86)
NBA: Chicago Bulls (1997-98)
NHL: Chicago Blackhawks (1960-61)
Last Championship for Chicago: 2005

Cincinnati, Ohio
MLB: Cincinnati Reds (1990)
Last Championship for Cincinnati: 1990

Cleveland, Ohio
MLB: Cleveland Indians (1948)
NFL: Cleveland Browns (1964-65)
Last Championship for Cleveland: 1964-65

Dallas, Texas (and Arlington, Texas)
NFL: Dallas Cowboys (1995-96)
NHL: Dallas Stars (1998-99)
Last Championship for Dallas: 1998-99

Denver, Colorado
NFL: Denver Broncos (1998-99)
NHL: Colorado Avalanche (2000-01)
Last Championship for Denver: 2000-01

Detroit, Michigan
MLB: Detroit Tigers (1984)
NFL: Detroit Lions (1957-58)
NBA: Detroit Pistons (2003-04)
NHL: Detroit Red Wings (2001-02)
Last Championship for Detroit: 2003-04

Edmonton, Alberta
NHL: Edmonton Oilers (1989-90)
Last Championship for Edmonton: 1989-90

Houston, Texas
AFL: Houston Oilers (1961-62)
NBA: Houston Rockets (1994-95)
WHA: Houston Aeros (1974-75)
Last Championship for Houston: 1994-95

Indianapolis, Indiana
ABA: Indiana Pacers (1972-73)
NFL: Indianapolis Colts (2006-07)
Last Championship for Indianapolis: 2006-07

Kansas City, Missouri
MLB: Kansas City Royals (1985)
NFL: Kansas City Chiefs (1969-70)
Last Championship for Kansas City: 1985

Los Angeles, California (and Anaheim, California)
MLB: Anaheim Angels (2002)
NFL: Los Angeles Raiders (1983-84)
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers (2001-02)
NHL: Anaheim Ducks (2006-07)
Last Championship for Los Angeles/Anaheim: 2006-07

Louisville, Kentucky
ABA: Kentucky Colonels (1974-75)
Last Championship for Louisville: 1974-75

Miami, Florida
MLB: Florida Marlins (2003)
NBA: Miami Heat (2005-06)
NFL: Miami Dolphins (1973-74)
Last Championship for Miami: 2005-06

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (and Green Bay, Wisconsin)
MLB: Milwaukee Braves (1957)
NFL: Green Bay Packers (1996-97)
NBA: Milwaukee Bucks (1970-71)
Last Championship for Milwaukee/Green Bay: 1996-97

Minneapolis, Minnesota
MLB: Minnesota Twins (1991)
NBA: Minneapolis Lakers (1953-54)
Last Championship for Minneapolis: 1991

Montréal, Québec
NHL: Montréal Canadiens (1992-93)
Last Championship for Montréal: 1992-93

New Jersey (East Rutherford)
NHL: New Jersey Devils (2002-03)
Last Championship for New Jersey: 2002-03

New York City, New York
MLB: New York Yankees (2000)
NFL: New York Giants (2007-08)
NBA: New York Knicks (1972-73)
NHL: New York Rangers (1993-94)
Last Championship for New York City: 2007-08

Oakland, California (and San Jose)
MLB: Oakland Athletics (1989)
NFL: Oakland Raiders (1980-81)
ABA: Oakland Oaks (1968-69)
Last Championship for Oakland/San Jose: 1989

Ottawa, Ontario
NHL: Ottawa Senators (1926-27)
Last Championship for Ottawa: 1926-27

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
MLB: Philadelphia Phillies (1980)
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles (1960)
NBA: Philadelphia 76ers (1982-83)
NHL: Philadelphia Flyers (1974-75)
Last Championship for Philadelphia: 1983

Phoenix, Arizona
MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks (2001)
Last Championship for Phoenix: 2001

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates (1979)
NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers (2005-06)
ABA: Pittsburgh Pipers (1967)
NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins (1991-92)
Last Championship for Pittsburgh: 2005-06

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