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Rantings, musings, feelings, comments and observations of a stressed-out college student ...

After seemingly everybody else in the world with a computer started composing their own online journal, I decided last summer that the time was right to create one for myself. My original effort to begin a weblog began in June 2003, and ended just a few weeks later, after only a handful of entries, as a result of not having enough time in my schedule. This was around the time that I was working for Summerbridge of Greater Philadelphia by day, and KFFL by night (as well as weekends). When I first created the weblog, my intention was to document my experiences working at Summerbridge, but I was soon overwhelmed with so much work that it was nearly impossible to keep up with an online journal.
I revisited the idea of having a weblog again earlier this year. This time, instead of writing in my old Pitas journal, I joined Live Journal, because there are thousands of different "communities" (message boards) for weblog users to join who share common interests, ranging from favorite sports teams and television shows, to people who are applying to graduate school. There are even groups of Live Journal users from Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania!

I have since made more than 100 journal entries on my new Live Journal account, and have combined the postings from both weblogs so that they now appear in one place. Feel free to sign up with them, and add me as a friend!

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