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Fourteenth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Max Q Tennessee DefenseDEF Titans
2 Retro Redskins Rulzs Santana MossWR Jets
3 Spock's Burritos Jamel WhiteRB Browns
4 Stuck in NeutralKen DilgerTE Buccaneers
5 Clancy's Toads Dominic RhodesRB Colts
6 PulverizersJim MillerQB Bears
7 The Mad Dawgs Jacksonville DefenseDEF Jaguars
8 CheeseWiz Jacquez GreenWR Redskins
9 Steph Infections Kansas City DefenseDEF Chiefs
10 Bone Crushing BillsMarcus RobinsonWR Bears
11 Daffy's D-Backs Bill GramaticaK Cardinals
12 Deltaman Ernie ConwellTE Rams

Fifteenth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Deltaman Javon WalkerWR Packers
2 Daffy's D-Backs Dorsey LevensRB Eagles
3 Bone Crushing Bills Jerome PathonWR Saints
4 Steph InfectionsRaghib IsmailWR Cowboys
5 CheeseWiz Quincy CarterQB Cowboys
6 The Mad DawgsKevan BarlowRB 49ers
7 Pulverizers Paul EdingerK Bears
8 Clancy's Toads Troy HambrickRB Cowboys
9 Stuck in Neutral Doug BrienK Vikings
10 Spock's BurritosAnthony BechtTE Jets
11 Retro Redskins Rulzs Brett ConwayK Redskins
12 Max Q Donte StallworthWR Saints

Sixteenth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Max Q Daniel GrahamTE Patriots
2 Retro Redskins Rulzs Danny WuerffelQB Redskins
3 Spock's Burritos Bobby ShawWR Jaguars
4 Stuck in NeutralAmos ZereoueRB Steelers
5 Clancy's Toads David CarrQB Texans
6 PulverizersDesmond ClarkTE Broncos
7 The Mad Dawgs Seattle DefenseDEF Seahawks
8 CheeseWiz Clinton PortisRB Broncos
9 Steph Infections Buffalo DefenseDEF Bills
10 Bone Crushing BillsOlandis GaryRB Broncos
11 Daffy's D-Backs Vinny TestaverdeQB Jets
12 Deltaman Marvin MinnisWR Chiefs

Seventeenth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Deltaman Trung CanidateRB Rams
2 Daffy's D-Backs Minnesota DefenseDEF Vikings
3 Bone Crushing Bills Roland WilliamsTE Raiders
4 Steph InfectionsJoey HarringtonQB Lions
5 CheeseWiz Jason HansonK Lions
6 The Mad DawgsFreddie MitchellWR Eagles
7 Pulverizers Mike AndersonRB Broncos
8 Clancy's Toads James McKnightWR Dolphins
9 Stuck in Neutral Travis MinorRB Dolphins
10 Spock's BurritosLaMont JordanRB Jets
11 Retro Redskins Rulzs Reidel AnthonyWR Redskins
12 Max Q Shane MatthewsQB Redskins

Eighteenth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Max Q Rob MooreWR Broncos
2 Retro Redskins Rulzs Walter RasbyTE Redskins
3 Spock's Burritos J.J. StokesWR 49ers
4 Stuck in NeutralBrian FinneranWR Falcons
5 Clancy's Toads Kris BrownK Texans
6 PulverizersWayne ChrebetWR Jets
7 The Mad Dawgs Morten AndersenK Chiefs
8 CheeseWiz Todd PetersonK Steelers
9 Steph Infections Tai StreetsWR 49ers
10 Bone Crushing BillsJay FeelyK Falcons
11 Daffy's D-Backs Yo MurphyWR Rams
12 Deltaman Tim SederK Cowboys