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First Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Deltaman Kurt WarnerQB Rams
2 Daffy's D-Backs Marshall FaulkRB Rams
3 Bone Crushing Bills Jeff GarciaQB 49ers
4 Steph InfectionsDonovan McNabbQB Eagles
5 CheeseWiz Ahman GreenRB Packers
6 The Mad DawgsShaun AlexanderRB Seahawks
7 Pulverizers Brett FavreQB Packers
8 Clancy's Toads Daunte CulpepperQB Vikings
9 Stuck in Neutral Peyton ManningQB Colts
10 Spock's BurritosPriest HolmesRB Chiefs
11 Retro Redskins Rulzs Stephen DavisRB Redskins
12 Max Q Marvin HarrisonWR Colts

Second Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Max Q Ricky WilliamsRB Dolphins
2 Retro Redskins Rulzs Randy MossWR Vikings
3 Spock's Burritos Terrell OwensWR 49ers
4 Stuck in NeutralEdgerrin JamesRB Colts
5 Clancy's Toads Eddie GeorgeRB Titans
6 PulverizersLaDainian TomlinsonRB Chargers
7 The Mad Dawgs Anthony ThomasRB Bears
8 CheeseWiz Curtis MartinRB Jets
9 Steph Infections Corey DillonRB Bengals
10 Bone Crushing BillsDavid BostonWR Cardinals
11 Daffy's D-Backs Rich GannonQB Raiders
12 Deltaman Torry HoltWR Rams

Third Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Deltaman Fred TaylorRB Jaguars
2 Daffy's D-Backs Tim BrownWR Raiders
3 Bone Crushing Bills Rod SmithWR Broncos
4 Steph InfectionsJerome BettisRB Steelers
5 CheeseWiz Aaron BrooksQB Saints
6 The Mad DawgsDeuce McAllisterRB Saints
7 Pulverizers Keyshawn JohnsonWR Buccaneers
8 Clancy's Toads Jerry RiceWR Raiders
9 Stuck in Neutral Eric MouldsWR Bills
10 Spock's BurritosJoe HornWR Saints
11 Retro Redskins Rulzs Tony GonzalezTE Chiefs
12 Max Q Steve McNairQB Titans

Fourth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Max Q Shannon SharpeTE Broncos
2 Retro Redskins Rulzs Isaac BruceWR Rams
3 Spock's Burritos Brian GrieseQB Broncos
4 Stuck in NeutralDuce StaleyRB Eagles
5 Clancy's Toads Marcus PollardTE Colts
6 PulverizersGarrison HearstRB 49ers
7 The Mad Dawgs Jimmy SmithWR Jaguars
8 CheeseWiz Terry GlennWR Packers
9 Steph Infections Michael BennettRB Vikings
10 Bone Crushing BillsAntowain SmithRB Patriots
11 Daffy's D-Backs Bubba FranksTE Packers
12 Deltaman Troy BrownWR Patriots

Fifth Round
Pick Fantasy TeamPlayer NamePosition NFL Team
1 Deltaman Byron ChamberlainTE Vikings
2 Daffy's D-Backs David PattenWR Patriots
3 Bone Crushing Bills Chad LewisTE Eagles
4 Steph InfectionsJames ThrashWR Eagles
5 CheeseWiz Derrick MasonWR Titans
6 The Mad DawgsWilliam GreenRB Browns
7 Pulverizers Frank WycheckTE Titans
8 Clancy's Toads Charlie GarnerRB Raiders
9 Stuck in Neutral Chris ChambersWR Dolphins
10 Spock's BurritosDarrell JacksonWR Seahawks
11 Retro Redskins Rulzs Jay FiedlerQB Dolphins
12 Max Q Jeff WilkinsK Rams