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Links of Interest


Click here to access the Yahoo! fantasy football league website.
Click here for helpful fantasy football links.
Click here for a brief history of this fantasy football league.



1. Deltaman
2. Bone Crushing Bills
3. Daffy's D-Backs
4. Max Q
5. Spock's Burritos
6. Clancy's Toads
7. Steph Infections
8. Retro Redskins Rulzs
9. The Mad Dawgs
10. Stuck in Neutral
11. CheeseWiz
12. Pulverizers

This will be the draft order for all odd-numbered rounds; just reverse the order for all even-numbered rounds.




July 10: All participating teams for the 2003 season must be registered

July 13: Franchise players must be selected

July 15: 2003 Draft

This information is subject to change.