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Confessions of a Sports Fan:
Interview with Mozelle Meyers

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I'm Roy Bellamy and this is the first interview of the "Confessions of a Sports Fan" series. "Confessions of a Sports Fan" is a series of interviews with regular people who love sports, featuring their opinions on issues relating to athletics.  

Roy: What is your name?
Mozelle: Mozelle Meyers.
Roy: Where are you from/currently residing?
Mozelle: Born in Calcutta, India, currently residing in Sterling, VA.
Roy: What are your favorite sports?
Mozelle: Football, hockey, baseball, basketball.
Roy: What are your favorite teams?
Mozelle: Redskins, Capitals, Orioles, Lakers/Wizards.
Roy: Besides the Lakers, what are your favorite non-hometown teams?
Mozelle: Dodgers.
Roy: How often do you go to a sporting event?
Mozelle: Heh ... well, let's see, starting in October at least once every two weeks.
Roy: You find that funny, don't you?
Mozelle: Yes ... summer time, it's slow.
Roy: Once every two weeks ... what is your most memorable experience at any sporting event?
Mozelle: Oh man ... only one?
Roy: Yes.
Mozelle: Darn ... let me see ... I would have to say back in California - 1990 I think it was, where the Redskins came to town to play the Rams and they won the game and won the division to move on to win the Super Bowl.
Roy: What's your worst experience at a sporting event?
Mozelle: Hmmm ... let me think for a second.
Roy: Go ahead and think, Miss Meyers.
Mozelle: Heh, okay ... gosh I can't think.
Roy: Okay, forget that question.
Mozelle: Okay.
Roy: After viewing the formality in the MLB All Star Game, what can you do to change the All Star Game for the better?
Mozelle: Well, I would tell the managers to make sure they plan ahead in the future so that the game won't end in a tie, to use each player maybe more than one inning.
Roy: How do you feel about characterizing sports ... like would you say figure skating is a sport or is a skill?
Mozelle: Skill.
Roy: What sports would be considered a skill and not a sport?
Mozelle: Ice skating, gymnastics.
Roy: That's all? Just those two?
Mozelle: Well, boxing.
Roy: How so?
Mozelle: Well, you need skill to punch someone out lol ... those individual events or the ones with two people only? ... Wrestling.
Roy: What about tennis?
Mozelle: Yeah, that too.
Roy: Do you think violence is emphasized in sports, and how so?
Mozelle: No, not really.
Roy: Why don't you think it is?
Mozelle: Well, the only sport that has fighting usually is hockey, but that's just frustration.
Roy: Do you think hockey fights should be banned?
Mozelle: No, even though I don't like them.
Roy: Why shouldn't it be?
Mozelle: Well, I don't see them being able to stop the fights.
Roy: Why do you think they fight anyway?
Mozelle: Usually it's out of frustration, sometimes it's to prove a point that we're tough.
Roy: Do you think Pete Rose should be allowed in the Hall of Fame?
Mozelle: Yes.
Roy: Why?
Mozelle: He was a good player, he played as well as others that got in ... heh ... you asked me.
Roy: Do you think athletes are overpaid?
Mozelle: O, yes ... a lot of them.
Roy: Do you think they deserve the overpaying?
Mozelle: Well, if they prove themselves.
Roy: What is your opinion on contraction?
Mozelle: It's stupid ... heh.
Roy: How so?
Mozelle: Well, it should be up to the team owners if they can't afford to keep the team, not for Major League Baseball.
Roy: Four-part question ... if there were a rule change or a rule you wanted to create, what would it be ... in Major League Baseball?
Mozelle: Well, I think if a player is able to bat he should be able to run too, no pinch runners.
Roy: No pinch runners?
Mozelle: No.
Roy: What if a National League manager let his pitcher bat but he decided to pinch run for him, what then?
Mozelle: No, he needs to run too.
Roy: What about the NFL?
Mozelle: Rule change?
Roy: Yes ... or creation of a rule.
Mozelle: Okay, let's see ... I can't think of any.
Roy: Really?
Mozelle: Not off hand.
Roy: What about the NBA?
Mozelle: Don't allow all those fouls at the end of a game.
Roy: And the NHL?
Mozelle: Make sure the refs are fair on the penalties they call on each team.
Roy: What do you think about the "unwritten rules" of baseball?
Mozelle: I don't know what the rules are.
Roy: Example of a rule is a reaction to any situation in a game ... like a pitcher must hit a batter cause of a celebration of a home run or the other pitcher hit another player.
Mozelle: That's so dumb.
Roy: Those unwritten rules are 140 years old.
Mozelle: Still dumb ... heh.
Roy: We're finished now. Thank you.
Mozelle: You're welcome.