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Jared Byrd's Articles

Centralizer Articles
Articles, photos, cartoons, etc. from my years with The Centralizer (1996-2000), the newspaper of Central High School of Philadelphia.

Centraliar Articles
Articles, features, etc. from my years with The Centraliar (1998-2000), the April Fool's version of The Centralizer.

First Take/Inquirer Articles
Articles and photos from my years in The Philadelphia Inquirer Acel Moore Career Development Workshop (1998-2000) and my summer internship at The Philadelphia Inquirer in 2000.

Metro Articles
Articles and other clips from my fall internship at the Metro in 2002.

South/Southwest Philadelphia Review Articles
Articles, newsbriefs, photos and "word on the street" columns from my summer and fall internships at the South/Southwest Philadelphia Review in 2002.

Temple Column Articles
Articles from my stint at The Temple Column, the newspaper of Temple University Ambler (2002).

Temple News Articles
Articles from my stint at the Temple News, the weekly independent, student-run newspaper of Temple University (2000-2001).